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Members of the Virginia Wine of the Month Club receive a copy of the Virginia Wine Journal along with their specially selected monthly wine shipment.  Written by Neil Williamson, President of The Trellis Group, the Journal is full of information about Virginia wines. 

Each issue takes you behind the scenes with an in-depth story about that month’s featured winery, detailed descriptions of the wines, and delicious recipes.  In addition, we keep you informed of what’s happening in the Virginia wine industry through information about special events, promotions, wine tasting, and limited-supply selections.

Here on the website, browse the past issues of this exclusive newsletter.  You’ll learn about the wineries we have previously featured and look up your favorites from the past.

January - Lake Anna Winery.pdf
February - Horton Vineyards.pdf

January - Rockbridge Vineyards.pdf
February - Afton Mountain Vineyards.pdf
March - Veramar Vineyards.pdf
April - Williamsburg Winery and Mountain Rose Vineyards
May - Lovingston Winery and Democracy Vineyards
June - Trump_and_Dry_Mill.pdf
July - Prince Michel and Stone Mountain Vineyards
August - Hume Vineyards and The Hague Winery
September - The Boneyard Collection and Burnley Vineyards
October - Chatham Church Creek and Elk Island

January - White Hall Vineyards.pdf
February - White Hall Vineyards.pdf
March - Tarara Winery.pdf
April - Horton Vineyards.pdf
May - Rosemont of Virginia.pdf
June - Fabbioli Cellars.pdf
July - Villa Appalaccia.pdf
August - WillowCroft Farm Vineyards.pdf
September - Democracy Vineyards.pdf
October - Ingleside Vineyards.pdf
November - Gabriele Rausse Winery.pdf
December - Prince Michel Barboursville.pdf

January - Rockbridge NL.pdf
February - Ingleside NL_Feb_2011 Wine Journal.pdf
March - James River Wine Journal.pdf
April - Wine Journal Barboursville.pdf
May - Virginia Wine Works May 2011 Wine Journal Winework.pdf
June - Potomac Point Wine Journal June 2011.pdf
July - Wine Journal.pdf
August - Wine Journal.pdf
September - Wine Journal.pdf
October - Pearmund Cellars.pdf
December - Barboursville_Prince Michel .pdf

January - Rosemont Jan2010.php
February - Sweely NL Feb2010.pdf
March - WhiteHallMarch2010.pdf
April - Delfosse NL_April_2010.pdf
May - LovingstonMay2010.pdf
June - Tarara NL_June_2010.pdf
July - Breaux NL_July_2010.pdf
August - Chrysalis NL_Aug_2010.pdf
September - Prince Michel NL_Sept_2010.pdf
October - WillowcroftOct2010.pdf
November - Lake Anna Wine Journal November.pdf
December - Holiday 2010 Wine Journal.pdf

January - Sugarleaf Jan2009.pdf
February - Rapp Feb2009.pdf
March - DelFosse Mar2009.pdf
April - Veritas April2009.pdf
May - JamesRiver May2009.pdf
June - VermarJune2009.pdf
July - LakeAnna July2009.pdf
November - Cardinal Point Nov2009.pdf
December - Barboursville Dec2009.pdf

January - DelFosse Jan2008.pdf
February - WhiteHall Feb2008.pdf
March - VAWineWorks March2008.pdf
April - Barboursville April2008.pdf
May - LakeAnna May2008.pdf
June - Jefferson June2008.pdf
July - Lovingston July2008.pdf
August - Rockbridge August2008.pdf
September - MonticelloTrail Sept2008.pdf
October - VAppalachia Oct2008.pdf
November - Ingleside Nov2008.pdf
December - ThibautCooper Dec2008.pdf

January - Williamsburg Jan2007.pdf
February - Horton Feb2007.pdf
March - Rockbridge March2007.pdf
April - ChesterGap Apr2007.pdf
May - Rappahanock May2007.pdf
June - Ingleside June2007.pdf
July - Willowcroft July2007.pdf
August - Doukenie August2007.pdf
September - Kluge Sept2007.pdf
October - Veritas Oct2007.pdf
November - NakedMountain Nov2007.pdf
December - ThreeFox Dec2007.pdf

01_January -Lake Anna Winery.pdf


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