9th Annual Horse & Hound Wine Festival - VA Wine Club

Event date and time: 7/13/2013 11:00 am
Horse And Hound Events
Lure Coursing

There will be a demonstration of Lure 
Coursing given by Laura Cormier. Lure 
coursing is a humane sport which re-
creates the chase of the hare by the 
pursuing hound. The "bunny" consists of 
strips of white plastic attached to a 
continuous loop line that runs through a 
series of pulleys to simulate the zigzag 
path of a rabbit on the run. 

After the demo, all dogs that attend the festival 
are invited to try the course.
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Kiddie Korral


Supervised activities for children simulating rodeo games and quiet games as well throughout the day. Supervision by the staff and volunteers of  Brook Hill Farm Rehabilitation and Rescue and sponsored by Bank of the James.

Muskrat Races


This event uses the Jack Russell

Terrier's highly developed prey drive

to swim through water in pursuit

of an artificial lure.


Dogs of all shapes and sizes are invited

to swim across the pond in pursuit of an

artificial lure. There will be three divisions

of competition: small, medium, and large

dogs. The winner in each division will

receive a trophy.

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