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In the glass, this wine is a darker, almost amber, than most Pinot Grigio hinting at the rich flavor contained within.  The nose is bright with undertones of melon and cantaloupe.  The front of the attack is sharp with a nice acidic bite but it mellows on the midpalate to expose fig, vanilla and honeysuckle tones.  There is a silky texture throughout the wine along with a minor undertone of smokiness.

The finish lingers nicely with a good acidic balance and hints of green apple and overripe pear.

The Rosemont of Virginia 2011 Pinot Grigio would pair well with almost all seafood (the winery recommends crab cakes), light pastas and cheese cracker combinations.  I also anticipate it matching up well with grilled poultry or even a black bean burger as the bright acidity will stand up to even the most savory of spicing.

2011 Rosemont - Pinot Grigio

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