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In what winemakers often call a “balanced” blend, the 2011 Crossroads is 34% Cabernet Franc, 33% Nebbiolo and 33% Merlot. In the glass this wine presents a deep brick red almost opaque color from rim to rim. The nose is filled with plum, licorice and blackberry.

The subtle attack features gentle tannins with an underpinning of toffee. The midpalate expands to expose black cherry notes and strong hints of dark chocolate.  The finish lingers nicely on the rear of the palate with highlights of berry, pine nuts and chocolate.

This well balanced blend is exceptional paired with spicy tomato based Italian food. While I would not choose to pair with a peppercorn steak, I believe it would be a fine selection for beef stroganoff and grilled eggplant.

2011 Roundabout Cellars - Crossroads

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