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Whether they know it or not, every wine consumer has a “house” red wine; the agreeable, approachable wine that you always want to have a bottle or two around.  Gabriele Rausse Rosso is a great house wine.

In the glass it presents with a deep, dark almost brooding crimson color.  The nose is filled with dark fruits including plum, raisin and peppercorns.  The attack is rounded and subtle with hints of black cherries.

The moderately expansive midpalate includes strawberry, rhubarb and semi sweet milk chocolate notes.  The finish lingers slightly with light tannins and a touch of white pepper on the rear of the palate.

As a great house wine should, this will pair with almost any dish.  I encourage spaghetti, lasagna and grilled beef.

NV Gabriele Rausse - Rosso

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