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This Merlot dominated (85%) blend benefits greatly from the complementary contributions of its minority partner, Cabernet Sauvignon (15%).  Deep, dark crimson in the glass; the color is full from rim to rim.  The brooding appearance lightens slightly on the nose with delicate tones of raspberry integrated with plum and anise.

The fruit forward attack is bright with summer undercurrents of slightly overripe strawberries and blackberries.  The midpalate is filled with Bing cherry notes leading to licorice and cranberries.

The smooth finish is brief but full.  Along with a touch of tobacco and just a hint of leather, cherry notes linger like a good neighbor after Christmas caroling.

This wine is an excellent holiday host/hostess gift.  The gentle unobtrusive tannins pair well with most holiday fare including turkey, duck and ham.  In addition, the fruit forward flavor profile provides a great complement to savory appetizers and vegetarian dishes.

NV Prince Michel - Arete Selections

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